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*stays alive just in case things get better*

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I can relate to this


Miles McMillan photographed by Casey Brooks


I can relate to this

I’d still love you,
If the world stops spinning
If heaven and hell tear us apart
If you ever forget me

I’d still love you,
If I find out you weren’t made for me
If these years in my life were nothing but a lesson
If we were just a bad dream

Darling, I’d still love you,
If I never hold you in my arms
If I never hear you speak 

I’d still love you,
If one day I love another and
If you don’t love me,
I’d still love you

Richa Gill (@RiichaG_)

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everything love♥ (source)

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Okay I cried

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A look in your eyes
And I know that I’m yours
Your fingers around mine,
I know you’ll never go
Kiss me hard and hold me close
Make me forget all my pains
And not cause you anymore
Richa Gill (@RiichaG_)

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